Why Visual Branding and Design Should Be A Priority In Your Business

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Many new business owners might agree that starting a business is fun and daunting all in the same sentence. There are many aspects that you have to focus on. Business owners may start selecting which facets require a heavier investment, which tasks need to be completed first and even when to take a break! :) There is one facet that many business owners either overlook or undervalue: visual branding and design.

Here are a few points that explain what graphic design means to your overall brand and why you should start making it a priority.

First Point of Contact
Think of the moment when a potential client or customer sees your website or you had them your business card for the first time, does it represent your brand in the best position? A potential client or customer can quickly analyze your visual graphics and decide if they want to purchase from you or not. If you have inconsistent and low quality graphics your audience may soon begin to feel that it is a reflection of your products or customer service and decide to purchase from another company.

When you display a clear brand voice, consistency and cohesive graphics, it begins to build trust with your clients.

Be Remembered
Color, typography and imagery are design elements that represent the voice and vision of the brand. When a mix of these elements are successfully blended, a visual brand that is memorable is born. Your clients will be able to recognize your brand by identifying and connecting with your graphics.

Many marketing ideas fail because of poor design. Good design helps your audience easily digest content and prompts a faster response. Design can also share a story without having to use so many words. You can use images, graphics, icons and typography to convey a message. Most readers prefer to receive image-based marketing material versus wordy ones. When creating marketing language, try breaking the content up into “bite-sized” informational pieces.  

We hope this gives you an insight on the importance of design to your overall brand. Even if you already have a marketing plan in place, good design is what will make it effective. No matter the size or stage of your business, graphic design should always be considered a high priority.